Kidney stone treatment by Flexible Ureteroscopy / RIRS
No Hole, No Cut, Day care procedure, Safest way for removal of Kidney Stones

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 Kidney stone treatment in delhi by RIRS

Kidney Stones

  Kidney stones are also called renal calculi or renal lithiasis or nephrolithiasis.

  Kidney stone disease is among the most painful and prevalent urological disorders. Millions of kidney stone cases are diagnosed each year.

  Most of the kidney stones pass out of the body spontaneously, these kidney stones are usually less than 5mm. in size.

  Normally urine contains many dissolved substances, but sometimes some material may become concentrated in the urine and form solid
    crystals. These crystals can grow and unite to form Kidney Stone. Ureteral Stone is a kidney stone which has moved from Kidney to the Ureter.

  There are numerous factors which lead to the formation of kidney stones. High intake of non-vegetarian food, high salt diet & low water intake are some of
    the important factors which may lead to the formation of kidney stones.

  There are several types of kidney stones, majority of them are calcium oxalate kidney stones followed by calcium phosphate kidney stones. A less
    common type of kidney stone is caused by infection in the urinary tract. This type of kidney stone is called a struvite or infection stone. Another type of less
    common kidney stone is uric acid kidney stone followed by several rare types of kidney stones

  The most common symptoms of kidney stone include severe pain in the back radiating to the front, nausea, vomiting, blood in urine & difficulty in passing
    urine. Occasionally kidney stones may be painless or silent. These silent kidney stones may cause irreversible damage to the kidney.

  Kidney Stone may be diagnosed by X-ray KUB, ultrasound, IVP (Intravenous Pyelogram), NCCT-KUB/CT Urography.

  Kidney and Ureteral Stones may be treated by:
    RIRS ( Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery )
    ESWL ( Extracorporial Shock Wave Lithotripsy )
    URS ( Ureteroscopy )
    PCNL ( Pecutaneous Nephrolithotomy )

Kidney Stones may be prevented by taking plenty of fluids, low salt diet & by avoiding non-vegetarian food.

Recurrence of Kidney stone is very common approaching 50% in 10 years, however it can be reduced by taking preventive measures.



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